Suburb Pop timeline

Sat, May 18 ● ArtPop Gallery

Friday, April 12 ● SOCHELLA Festival

Saturday, March 23rd ● Shop Local & Networking Pop-Up

Saturday, February 9th ● Whimsy, Indie Outdoor Market

Sunday, December 16th ● Self-Love Brunch

self-love q&a, celebrating the one year anniversary of kat stylez’ poetry book: ‘girl, who hurt you?’

Floral Wall: @DaisesDezigns

Mini-Merch & Maker’s Pop-Up

catered brunch

Sunday, September 23rd ● September Fashion Week Show ● CAVU TPA

The third Suburb Pop was phenomenal, aesthetically-inspiring, totally glam and a whirlwind of shopping, upscale boutiques, a lively fashion show, tons of makers + more! It was so amazing to have so many influencers, innovators, content creators, bloggers, models + brands all in one building! 🌴

Pictured: Jomely Breton, Ariel Lyndsey, Hana-li, Honey LaLa, Jovawn Edwards, Granger Smith + Treasure Wilson.

Photography credita: @TampaFoodGirl, @TheFunkyLemon + @PDATakesTampaBay


We also talked with Katherine Mia, the creator of Tampa Bay Mindset which features local business owners, entrepreneurs, highlights events and community gatherings.

Suburb Pop is all about connecting social media influencers, game-changers, innovators, bloggers and platforms catered to shedding a light on the inspiring, diverse city of Tampa.

It’s always a photo-op at a Suburb Pop event. Our events emphasize networking, seeing familiar and new faces, exploring pop-ups and creating effortless, timeless moments.

We met so many down-to-Earth, passionate vendors and makers with stories, along with many Tampa bosses like Katherine Mia (Tampa Bay Mindset), Alicia Waldner (Adventure Marketing), Alex Marie (Designer Dreams Blog), Mimi Milande and more.

Sunday, July 29th ● CAVU TPA

Sunday, June 24th ● FortyTwoTen